The Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to teaching your kid eating habits.

1. You must look at your own food issues. Being aware of your own food patterns and worries around food may help you avoid passing these into your children.

2. You must keep food messages positive. You want your kids to internalise how eating in a generally balanced and healthy way is part of life. Perceive food as something that gives you nutrients and keeps you healthy.

3. How you behave around food and weight is more influential than the verbal messages that you give. Be a good role model in terms of healthy eating and regular exercise.

4. It is permissible to incorporate treats into your life. If you deny your kids sweets, chips or cakes you give these forbidden items a magical allure. Better to have them in limited qualities as occasional treats.

5. Make meal times enjoyable. Eat together as a family around a table rather than in front of the t.v. Enjoy the food and time you spend eating together.

6. Do not stigmatise food as bad or fattening. Discourage less healthy foods in the basis that they are bad for the teeth rather than stating that it is fattening.

7. Focus on weight as the primary message around healthy eating. Encourage foods that are essential for your child’s health and energy levels.

8. Do not be the food police. Constant nagging about what passes through your child’s lips is likely to backfire.

9. You can even bribe the kids to eat healthy. Start with the veggies that your kids like and then introduce new things

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