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The streets of social media react to “murivo nemapotato”.

ED is popurlar for his hillarious phrases. The president indeed loves to drop some catchy lines prompting the public to react differently . Last year he broke down the internet with funny comments such as “Tine matshirt atichakupai” and “ngazvirnde”. ED has however opened the new year with one funny but rather sad phrase. After being appraised about the high cost of living and that people can no longer afford to buy meat, the president responded by saying that people should eat vegetables and potatoes ‘murivo nemapotato”

What followed was a social media uproar with restaurants, brands and ordinary people putting forward their best jokes in response . Zimgold posted this funny joke on their Facebook page.

Jonathan Moyo also took a dig at ED and tweeted some large bundles of green vegetables.

Chicken hut never missed an opportunity to market their products through the use of whatever will be trending online. This ad as ED had suggested that vegetables are healthier and recommended by doctors, chicken hut stuck to the same mantra.

Mai Titi also encouraged people to eat vegetables for their health benefits.

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