Two female lawyers break the status quo.

Renowned law firm Scanlen and Holderness recently made some major appointments. Three of its legal practitioners were elevated to patners and social media has been awash with positive comments about the recent development. Dominating the list were two phenomenal, young female lawyers whose impressive track records propelled them to such levels. Melody Mafo was made a patner at the firm. The young legal genius has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Derbyshire in the U.K. She has over four years’ experience in the U.K, Ireland and Zimbabwe. She joined the firm in March 2011. Mafo is in the dispute resolution and litigation, corporate and commercial department.

Another female lawyer who was elevated to the position of patner is Rudo Mugundani. She graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 2010 with a book prize as well as the law society book prize for outstanding academic achievements. Soon after graduation, she worked for an N.G.O. Her portfolio included public interest litigation and international advocacy with organisations such as the U.N and the African Commission. In June 2012 she was awarded the Cambridge -Commonwealth Scholarship to read for a master’s in law with the university of Cambridge where she specialised in international law. Rudo joined Scanlen and Holderness in 2014. She is passionate about labour law and corporate law. She sits on the boards of two tertiary institutions in the country.

Brighton Mahuni was appointed associate patner. He holds a law degree from the Midlands State University. He joined the firm in 2014. Mahuni is a legal practitioner, conveyancer and notary public. He is a good researcher and mainly does labour law

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