Zim celebs that love to hit the gym.

Staying in shape is the dream of every celebrity. Some may go to extreme lengths to maintain their figures such as strict dieting, fasting and working out. We have compiled a list of local celebrities that love to look good by hitting the gym as many times as they can.

1 Baba Harare

Sungura musician Baba Harare loves to work out. His bully and well toned body is proof of the hard work that he puts into training. Baba Harare often posts images of himself doing his thing in the gym.

2. Tino Chinyani

With a body like tino’s one has to maintain a strict training regimen. Tino likes to keep his body in check by breaking some sweat in the gym. The hunky model adheres to a strict gym routine and judging by his well toned and impressive phsyique, the workout is paying off.

3 Plaxedes Wenyika

The songbird started off the year on a positive note in 2019 and posted regular updates of her gym sessions. Indeed she shed off some weight . She still slaves off in the gym.

4 Madam boss

Well, no one really knows how Madam boss keeps her body so youthful and in shape but the comedian surely knows a thing or two about maintaining her figure. A recent Instagram post,a however suggested that the comedian might be a regular at the gym.

The Norton legislator is a gym addict and often posts videos of his training sessions. He usually does weights and loves to run. Even on vacation Mliswa is often seen taking long beach runs or working out in the open air.

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