5 step guide on how to kickstart your day with the right mindset

Step 1 Make the most of your doziness

You have to get yourself into a mood that is optimistic. In the few moments before you are fully awake, you are in a state called a hypnopompic state which means your body is awake but your brain is ultra suggestive to whatever you feed it. It is during this moment that you must focus on small positives such as your first cup of coffee. You will start the day full of energy.

Step 2 Fuel up your brain

Like a car,your body splutters and coughs when it is trying to have a go. Your body needs a burst of oxygen to fire up your nervous system. You can take a walk, a few steps or try doing deep abdominal breaths.

Step 3 Use colour to clam you down

As humans,we are genetically programmed to react in certain ways to different frequencies of light. Purple is the ideal colour for energy and calm. Close your eyes and visualise purple in your mind.

Step 4 Awaken to the sound of uplifting music

Change your alarm tone for the kind of music you actually want to hear. This will affect your mood and vitality for the whole day. Go for tunes with a beat that is faster than your heart to wake you up and make it fun. Even childish and sillys songs can give you a good headstart. You will be whistling it all day long.

Step 5 Visualise some silly dance moves

Laughing has been proven to improve stress by releasing some endorphins. These will help you feel energised and peaceful.

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