5 types of headaches and how treat them

1. Pill popping headache Are you one of those people that quickly reach out for ibrupofen every time a headache strikes? Ironically this could be the cause of your headache problems. Experts believe that pills like codeine and paracetamol erode the body’s natural pain barrier. It has been alleged that anyone who takes more than thirty painkillers a month could suffer from daily headaches as a result. Stop taking tablets all the time.

2. Emotional headache Unreleased anger is the major cause of headaches. Bottling up fury makes you even more susceptible to head pain than depression. The best way to beat this tension is to find ways to ease your fury.

3. Diet headache The next time you feel a headache coming ask yourself when you last ate. If you are hungry the brain responds to the feeling of starvation. Do make time to eat. Do not starve yourself. Do not starve yourself and wait to just eat all calories at once. Have small regurlar meals

4. Office headache Bosses may be a pain, but more likely to blame are two factors, the environment you work in and your posture. Artificial lighting can cause eye strain and sitting at a desk for ling preiods also causes aches. When you neck becomes stiff through tension ,the top spine also becomes rigid and normal blood flow to the head is hampered. This can give rise to pain that slows you down. Ensure that you take daylight breaks every couple of hours to allow the full spectrum of lightning your eyes. Also check your posture regurlaly.

5. Dehydration headache Drinking at least two litres of water a day can prevent you from having headaches. Water acts as a transportation system in your body, delivering nutrients and removing waste products. If you body has less water coming in toxins will not be eliminated efficiently. Simply drink lots of water.

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