Another police officer busted for stealing

A video doing the rounds on social media has caused outrage. The video, which shows a mob assaulting a police officer has caused furore. It is alleged a policeman was caught stealing and the public took instant justice by apprehending him and showing their displeasure at his conduct. The video shows the police officer being dragged back and forth with fists flying from every corner.

The location seems to be the Harare CBD area. A commentator voices his concern on the video and appraises viewers of the situation. Most people have lambasted the police man for being caught on the wrong side of the law. There so nothing more humiliating than being caught doing what you are supposed to be guarding against. The officer had to suffer the humiliation of being labelled a thief while being subjected to assault. Civil servants have had it rough this year. The low salaries coupled with the rising cost of living has left most people suffering and having to resort to rather unorthodox means of survival.

As the economy continues to go on a downward tumble, most civil servants have been left feeling the heat.Last year another police officer was busted for stealing some smoked Russian sausages from OK supermarket

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