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Beauty marks that we absolutely love on our celebs.

Celebrities also have certain physical features that are distinguishable from others. It could be deformities, birth marks or marks as a result of injuries but these are often pointed out by their fans. We highlight some of the physical features that we love about local celebrities that are peculiar to them.

1. Plaxedes Wenyika

The soulful crooner has a gap between her front teeth and it is simply cute. This makes her smile one that can melt any heart. Wenyika inherited the gap, commonly reffered to as “saka” from her late father. It really defines her face and makes her smiles pleasant to watch. Her singing profession has also afforded her fans an opportunity to witness the gap as she perfoms.

2. Patience Musa

Patience has a dark mole on her cheek. It is small and often sticks out. This mole is really one of the things we live about her face. It is an essential beauty mark specifically designed by her maker to give her a rustic,natural look.

3 T Gonz

The rapper has a dark streak on his face. This mark makes him one of our favourite artists in the rap game as it exudes attitude and some bad boy vibes. Although we do not know the origins of the mark, it really compliments his face.

4. KVG

The radio and televison personality has some beautiful dimples. These give her a cute,school girl look. We could stare at her all day long. When KBG smiles and her dimples come outz you realise just how beautiful Zimbabwean ladies are.

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