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“Call me the Amazon” Olinda Chapel reveals alter ego

Ever wondered what socialite Olinda Chapel likes to call herself? Well the UK based business owner recently revealed her nick name and it is one that you would never have dreamed of. In an Instagram post Olinda advised her fans to call her the “Amazon” because she is the whole forest. Well honestly, the socialite is kinda big and a heavy boned woman. Her plus size frame and cheeky attitude might just be the description to fit that name.

It is however not apparent whether Olinda was referring to her physical frame or her big personality. Olinda has quite the character and is known for clapping back at online trolls. She however also has a softer side that often sees her breaking down into tears online. When she had a fallout with former husband Stunner, she bared her heart and soul on Facebook live.

Simirlaly when she had another breakup with next husband Tytan, Olinda cried her lungs out live online. In essence, she is a mixture of both a tough, hard exterior and cotton soft interior. A fusion of both worlds, a true reflection of the Amazon jungle that encompasses both the weak and strong species. Olinda is known for her scandalous marriages and for speaking up against her ex husband’s for the way they treated her. The socialite is one that does not shy away from speaking out her mind. She is also a loving mother and a true friend to some.

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