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Colouring your hair:5 essential tips

1. Choose the right shade. Most people would know if they look good wearing green or orange and it is the same with a warm or cool hair colour. Test it out by taking a picture of yourself in warm or cool tones and see which is the most flattering.

2. Do some research. Find pics of celebs who have the same hair colour and complexion as you and look at the pictures of them with different shades and tones in their hair. This will give you an idea which colours will work for you

3. Always do a patch test before you colour your hair. There are various reasons for doing this,the main one being to rule out any allergic reactions. A strand test allows you to feel confident about the finished colour even before committing to an all over shade.

4. Knowledge and preparation are key, do invest time in reading and re reading labels and instructions. Be equipped with anything you may need and if you have long hair consider buying two boxes of your chosen colour just in case you run out

5. Have the right tools. Get a pair of nice fitting latex gloves, a professional colour brush for your hairline and some cotton wool for tidying up excess colour on the hairline after application

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