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Frustrated Winnie Ntshaba comes down guns blazing at Vodacom

Winnie Ntshaba is one bitter woman. After having her sim card hacked and failing to retrieve her messages the actress has come done guns blazing at Vodacom for having authorised the sim swap without her knowledge. Winnie recently advised people to ignore messages purpoted to be from her phone as she had lost her sim card to hackers. She has since not recovered back her line losing whatsap chats containing business conversations as well as her personal chats.

Winnie said Vodacom has not been able to tell her who authorised the sim swap. She also said efforts to engage the police were fruitless as they failed to trace the people who took over the control of her sim card. Winnie remarked recently on Instagram,”This has honestly been a horrible nightmare”.

Winnie is a televison personality who has landed roles in popular productions such as Generations. The hackers must have taken advantage of this fact and we’re sending messages to her friends asking for money as if the actress was cash strapped and in need of a lifeline. Winnie stated,”To say I’m frustrated is an understatement. I have to start afresh against my will and desire!”. The actress has made frantic efforts to regain control of her sim card to no avail.

Most people who commented on her Instagram page said Vodacom was indeed failing them and that such incidents have become common. They claimed there are too many loopholes in the services provided by Vodacom. Winnie has clearly been put in a tight spot,losing all her contacts,chats and important documents to the cunning hackers. Last year television presenter and model Kim Jayde also had her phone hacked when she was outside the country

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