Kirsty Coventry promises to deal with stadiums issue

Minister of Sport Kirsty Coventry has promised to fix the mess involving the country’s stadiums. She recently tweeted that she is working on bringing soultions to the table. Kirsty tweeted,”We all know that the stadiums in Zimbabwe have been deteriorating for ages but it is now my responsibility to make sure we fix this problem. Overnight solutions will not work but know that I am on it”.

The stadiums are in a dilapidated state and most of them have been neglected for years. Council has also not been playing its part in ensuring that the stadiums are maintained. FIFA has since declared all stadiums in the country as unfit for sport. Most people have expressed anger at the way things are being run in the country and in the sports sector. The football governing body ZIFA has been lambasted for failing to live up to its mandate. Reports of maladmnistration and mismanagement of funds by the top excutive at the board have been made.

This has been worsened by a growing debt to players, service providers and workers making the football body one of the most speculated organisations in the country. It remains to be seen whether the sports minister will own up to her promises and bring the much needed change to the state of stadiums in the country

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