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Levels:Olinda Chapel whisks off daughter to France to unwind

It is often emphasized that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. That is exactly what Olinda Chapel did. After learning that her enstranged husband Tytan was planning to leave their daughter Nandi with strangers Olinda whisked off her adorable daughter and her son to Disneyland in Paris! Now that’s levels. Olinda recently lashed out at Tytan for wanting to abandon their daughter with strangers in order to go partying. She accused him of defying a court order that he had sought to have access to the baby. Olinda seemed pissed off with Tytan that she decided to unwind all the stress and drama with a holiday in France and at Disneyland. Nandi is indeed one spoiled kid.

Although Tytan defended his actions and said Olinda had quickly rushed to air out the story, the details given were not accurate. He said although he wanted to go to a party that day to celebrate his birthday, arrangements had been made for his daughter. He also said Olinda was using the child to manipulate people and gain followers. Whatever the truth, Olinda simply decided to pamper her daughter with a classic kid’s fantasy, being taken to Disneyland. Olinda and Tytan were married for just a year before calling it quits.

Tytan was alleged to have cheated prompting people to question why he had gone for an older woman in the first place. Olinda owns various businesses including a cosmetic company and job placement agency. She has business interests in the U.K and various other countries. We just wish we could be in little Nand’s shoes

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