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Levels:Young Jibilika dancer and fashion designer showcases work in Germany

Fashion designer and hip hop artist Tadiwanashe Nyanga also known as Que has taken his third fashion collection to Germany. He will showcase his work at a two month exhibition and cultural exchange programme there. The singer, who is also known for his spectacular dancing skills with the group Jibilika will also perfom at the event. Nyanga said the collection which he took to Botswana last year was meant to showcase their street culture and build a strong hip hop culture in Zimbabwe.

Nyanga had this to say,” I intend to improve my craft and build a strong vibrant hip hop culture foundation in Zimbabwe that has our own identity, not imitating the Western culture or South Africa”. Nyanga also claimed that his project will be a fusion of both fashion and music. This has seen him producing a track with the same theme. He said he has recorded a Ngoma nehosho soundtrack featuring Uleni Okandlovu which talks about our culture and defining the pulse of the city which is dropping soon.

The young innovative artist said he also has plans to collaborate with artists from Germany in a massive track which will embody different cultures and hsoring fashion and dance workshops. The young artist started his own label Que in 2018 and created a label that tells the African story. He combines traditional and morden concepts and this has seen him being roped in the multi disciplinary fashion shows at the Denor Fashion festival in Gaborone Botswana

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