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Mai Titi and Tilda dragged into comparison war on social media

A picture doing the rounds on social media has just satrted a debate on who is the better host between Mai Titi and Tilda. Both ladies have been in the public eye for some time and are great presenters. Whilst Tilda already has several shows running online and on radio, Mai Titi is yet to showcase her skills on her upcoming show titled “For the why”. Most people have been drawing comparison between the two ladies.

The polls have been told mostly in favour of Tilda particularly because she already has shows running on air including the famous “behind bars with Tilda” in which she engages prisoners who have been convicted. Mai Titi has however proven to be a great presenter as gleaned from her various encounters as a master of ceremony. She is eloquent,smart and fun and does not mince her words when it comes to airing out her views. The two ladies are indeed an internal part of the entertainment industry in Zimbabwe.

Mai Titi recently announced that she will be hosting her own talk show and it will be broadcast on most social media handles and on ZBC t.v. Most people have expressed excitement at the news and those wishing to participate will be ferried to the venue by free transport and back into town. The image of Mai Titi and Tilda has however left people questioning whether the duo is working together on a project. This has been said to be an even better plan that will see both ladies with so much talent livening up things on a joint show.

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