Mudiwa confesses his decision to help headmaster who was busted for stealing maize cobs

Mudiwa made a heartfelt plea for his fans to help him locate a headmaster who was trending in social media for stealing some maize cobs. The headmaster, who was said to be stationed in Mutoko has stolen 8 maize cobs in order to feed his family and caught in the act. He became the subject for humiliation and had his name dragged into the mud online. Mudiwa remarked,” This story literally made me cry,it broke my heart”. He said the headmaster was in essence, his hero. He had not stolen or raped and neither rhad he beaten his wife. He had simply tried to provide food for his family. Mudiwa said he really wants to help the man. Mudiwa then went all emotional and said people should not forget the importance of teachers who raised students to be where they are today.

He lamented poor salaries being paid to teachers which amounts to about US 30 dollars which he said is not enough. Mudiwa asked people to give respect to teachers, which he said they deserve. The rapper however cleared the air and set the record straight that he was not justifying a crime. He was simply heartbroken at what this headmaster had to go through in order to provide for his family. Mudiwa said the state of affairs in the country, coupled with looting by givernment officials has reduced professionals to an undignified existence.

Mudiwa’s heartfelt plea indeed made people wake up to a realisation of the sad reality on how teachers are surviving. Government has been castigated time and again to make living conditions of civil servants bearable including giving them reasonable salaries.

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