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Mudiwa owns up to his promise. Blesses thieving teacher

Mudiwa has been commended for sticking to his word after promising to bless a thieveing teacher with gifts if his fans helped him locate him. Mudiwa recently shared images of his visit to see the teacher who had been trending online for stealing 8 mealie cobs. His name is Mr Chatikobo and Mudiwa managed to locate him on the outskirts of Harare where he teaches.

Mudiwa described the man as a pure genius. Mudiwa said he had reimbursed the owner of the mealie cobs that were stolen and paid the full amount making Mr Chatikobo a free man. The teacher had also promised to stay out of trouble. Mudiwa also promised to pay school fees for his three children and said he deserved it. Apart from that Mudiwa will be taking Mr Chatikobo out for lunch this coming Saturday and will be returning to his homestead to give him more gifts. Mudiwa exhorted people to donate to the teacher through ecocash.

Most people have applauded Mudiwa for showing the true meaning of christianity. They blasted prominent people and prophets such as Java for misplacing their priorities instead of focusing on helping the poor just as Mudiwa did. Another celebrity who pledgwd hi support for the teacher is Jah Signal. Mudiwa said teachers have been reduced to an undignified existence due to poor remuneration and working conditions. He said they deserve respect. Mr Chatikobo had been trending for all the wrong reasons after being caught stealing mealies but has since been showered with lots of love and support

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