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Of celebrity dads and their daughters.

It is often said the bond between a father and his daughter is out of this world. Indeed girls seem to be more attached to their fathers than their mothers while the opposite is true for some and their mothers. We profile some of our favourite celebs and their adorable daughters.

In spite of having been labelled an irresponsible father by ex wife Olinda,Tytan still maintains he has unbreakable bond with his daughter. Nandi is a spitting image of her father and the two are often pictured together.

Fantan loves to show off his beautiful baby girl who could easily pass off as his mini me. The dark beauty is often seen together with her famous dad on family outings and car rides. This blissful union simply melts our hearts.

Stunner has two beautiful girls. He regurlaly posts images of his beauties and the friendship that exists among the three is one that other fathers ought to emulate.

Veteran sports presenter Francis Nyamutsamba has two daughters who he dearly lives. The zbc presenter constantly spotted on outings with his family and enjoys pampering his two daughters.

Ngoni Munetsiwa, the husband of Madam boss also crushes on his daughter The duo has that relationship that at times sees both of them giving Madam boss a run for her money. Miki regurlaly appears in her famous parents’ comic skits and the connection with her father is undeniable

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