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Pearl Modiadie’s oopsie moment on set

South African actress and television presenter Pearl Modiadie recently had a oops moment onset. The beautiful presenter was attempting a flying ballerina pose when her top pulled up and her boobs peeked out. The presenter simply laughed it off in true Modiadie style and had all of us chuckling. She later shared the video on her Instagram page. Pearl could have been embarrassed by the event but chose to put in some light humour and just make jokes about the whole issue.

Pearl is famous for her lovely smile and bubbly character. She rose to fame with her stint as a host on children’s show block on ETV, Craze E and later on Crazed out. While hosting the children’s show Pearl also worked as content producer for Sistahood. In 2013 she debuted on the popular South African soapie Scandal. She also began hosting the music show Zaziwa in the same year.

Pearl has an impressive career history and continues to book fans away with her hillarious and energetic vibe while presenting big events such as sports awards and modelling competitions. We believe the presenter is able to turn any bad situation into a funny moment as evidenced by the recent incident.

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