Shocking:Local recruitment firm exposed for paying employees paltry wages

Local recruitment firm Lorimak Private Limited has come under fire from its employees who have launched a scathing attack against the firm over poor remuneration as well as failing to look into their plight. According to one of the disgruntled employees salaries have been set at a ridiculous rate despite workers having to work for long hours while at times only getting as little as one day off duty per week, “We work so hard for this organisation but the only thank you that we get are low salaries and long working hours” said one of the workers.

Recently Lorimak issued out a circular to its employees stating that its employees will be receiving an hourly rate of $3.04, and a housing allowance of $50.00 despite rentals being pegged at way above the allowance they are receiving. The disgruntled employees stated that despite efforts to engage management, the only answers they got were excuses that what they were being paid is what ZOL is offering at the moment. Lorimak is a recruiting agency which finds employees on behalf of ZOL, and Liquid Telecom.

According to one the company’s employees they do not receive any benefits despite those on permanent receiving coupons and good salaries, also citing intimidation as a trait being employed by management, “When we raised concerns over poor remuneration management went and recuited interns as a way of trying to silence us as many now fear they could lose their jobs.

Despite prices of products being reviewed we continue to receive paltry salaries which are diifult to live on” said an anonymous source. The quality of customer service being offered is said to have declined owing to the dissatisfaction of the Lorimak workers that are on short term contracts which can be terminated at any given time.

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