Strive Masiyiwa eyes investment opportunities in Ethiopia

Econet Global ltd owner, Stive Maiyiwa is eyeing investment opportunities in Ethiopia. He is Keen to acquire a telecommunications licence in the African country which is opening up the industry to foreign investment. The county has announced plans to sell as much as 49% of the state owned monopoly, Ethiopian Telecommunications Corp, and issue two new spectrum licences.

Carriers including Orange SA, MTN group and Vodacom have already shown interest in the nation which has more than 100 million people. The country has a relatively low level of data penetration and internet access. Econet has business interests and operations in Africa including in Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Burundi and other investments in Europe and South America. Masiyiwa’s liquid telecoms also has assets across the continent. Masiyiwa is an astute business man with a clear vision to take his company to new heights.

Indeed, such an investment will make him even more successful. Masiyiwa’s company Econet enjoys the widest number of subscribers locally. They offer services such as Ecocash and Ecosure among other highly used services.

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