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Tammy Moyo shows off sleek hair.

Tammy Moyo recently showed off her sleek hair in a swanky and neatly done updo. The singer usually has braids or a wig but opted to reveal the underlying golden crown that is usually hidden from the prying eyes of the public. In an Instagram post Tammy showed off her upper glory and captioned,’Yes it’s my hair”. This was seemingly a remark to wad off comments that it was not her real hair but a seen in wig. What attracted most people to her crown was the golden whitish colour that complimented her face really well. She pulled it off with some cheeky make up and her signature smile.

Tammy is one of the most talked about fashion icons in Zimbabwe. She lives to dress up in cheeky, trendy and vibrant clothes that exude youthfulness an nod have an urban feel. She also loves blonde and white coloured braids and wigs which she has taken to her own hair. Tammy’s music videos are usually enticing because of her hairpieces and unique clothes. We really feel this look gives Tammy an edge and does her face some good. Tammy is an accomplished singer and actress. She has released songs such as Lay it down and Kwandinobva.

Her major accomplishments last year included being invited to preform at the Coke Studio Africa in Kenya and staging her very own concert dubbed the Tammy experience. She really knows the importance of protecting her brand by wearing super cool clothes and giving some awesome hair goals. Like a true pop star Tammy is also all about colour and this transcends into her hair and clothes.

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