Top 10 ways to make him history

Instead of languishing in pain and sobbing over a break up, here are some tips for the ladies to move on and make your ex history.

1. Use his friends

Nothing gets to a man’s ego more than women who are cool enough to still be friends with his friends after you have broken up. They find such conduct humiliating. Staupy in touch with his friends.

2. Get a pet

If there is one thing that beats away the blues it is having a pet. The best part is that pets are never judgmental and would never comment on your cellulite!

3. Do not regret

The cardinal rule when you break up is to live and let live. Move on with your life. Do not hang onto the months or years that you think you might have wasted in your relationship. No relationship is a waste of time because all patnerships make us better people.

4. Meet his mom

If you really want to fan the flames of irritation take his mum out for lunch or high tea. Mother’s have a propensity of telling embarrassing moments in the lives of their kids, this might give you a good laugh instead of crying over him

5. Learn an instrument

This will give you something to do. Learn an easy musical instrument, take up a class.

6. Be a man

If you miss his usual routine maintenance around the house,why not do it yourself. Take up a short DIY course or better yet rope in a friend to help out.

7. Revive your career

Another tried and tested method of irking your ex is to invest more time and effort into your career. You could change jobs, take up that promotion or simply start your own business.

8. Forget his number

Well the next time he calls, just ask who the person on the other end is. Do not keep sending him messages or calling him.

9. Have pity on him

Start by telling people how you only dated him out of pity and how he still had issues to resolve. Do not play the victim at all.

10. Go shopping

Some things are best bought after a break up. Take some time to buy that gorgeous little black number or some sexy lingerie. This willboost your confidence

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