Top 5 lessons we learnt from business mogul Nomathemba Ndebele

Nomathemba Ndebele, the owner of Posh boutique had five lessons to dish out recently. The business mogul who has dominated the fashion industry nin Zimbabwe encouraged parents to let their children follow their dreams. She said education has since become a failing point for most kids. Nomathemba said if one was to go to university to study business management whose business will they be learning to manage. She said those who send their kids to expensive schools and pay foreign currency for such are merely wasting time as that money could be used for entrepreneurship.

On another note, Nomathemba encouraged women who get married to work hard and make their own money rather than to rely on the money brought in by their husbands. She quoted Jay Z and said two billionaires are indeed better than one. Nomathemba reiterated the need for people to be smarter in the face of a non existent job market in the country. She said in the absence of jobs one ought to think smart.

Another area that Nomathemba addressed was that of religion. She said spiritual leaders often mislead people by quoting what biblical figures like Abraham or Noah did which is inapplicable in modern society. She said scriptures from the Bible do not really give practical lessons for the current lifestyle.

Nomathemba also said people ought to use social media more productively. She said it is sad that some people use social media to troll others when they could be making money or learning g new things that could benefit their lives. We certainly think people could take a leaf from the advice given by Nomathemba who herself has been success in building a fashion powerhouse where A Lister celebrities such as Zodwa Mkandla and Madam boss do their shopping.

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