Top 5 super foods to beat your belly bloat

Having a bloated belly is probably one of the most uncomfortable feelings for every person particularly women. Not only does it diminish your self confidence but it also takes away some points on appearance and the way clothes look on you. Here are the best five foods to beat that bloat.


They are a great source of vitamin Candidates a phytonutrient called caffeic acid, which prevents water retention.Add them to sandwiches and salads,dip them in hummus or just them on their own. Avocados They conatin healthy monounsaturated fats,which are great for losing weight and keeping it off. They are also high in fibre. Enjoy them as guacamole or a dip, in a salad or with some cottage cheese.


They are a great source of dietary fibre and prevent that bloated feeling,which is important for good digestive health. Chop them finely into a salad or add them to a cooked dish.


They are a great source of protein and will help you soon your waistline. They help balance your blood sugar and can help you feel fuller for longer,which aids weight loss. Enjoy them hard,soft,scrambled or as omelettes


Eating a diet rich in soluble fibre(found in bananas,apples, strawberries and all fruits) can have a direct effect in reducing belly fat. Eat them whole,as part of a mixed smoothie or in your yoghurt

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