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We drool over Stunner’s growing attraction to his two beauties

Stunner recently had us wrapped up in emtions as he shared sweet pics of his two beautiful daughters and how he loves to spend time with them when he is not doing music. The hip hop singer indeed shares an unbreakable bond with his two angels Celeste and Owami. Stunner remarked,”When I’m not on the mic I’m a person who is just like you, taking care of my two daughters and hoping tomorrow will be a better day”. Stunner’s adorable kids are indeed daddy’s girls.

At one time Stunner was said to have assaulted a money changer in town for pestering his older daughter. He also once shared a really cute pic of himself caring the younger one Owami on his back and advised that he enjoyed helping out his wife Dyonne in taking care of the kids. Stunner also encouraged men to take care of their children no matter how hard it is. He is truly leading by example as evidenced by the way his daughter’s always look so good, healthy and happy. Stunner’s attraction to his two beauties is indeed commendable.

Most artists often compromise on spending some quality time with their children due to work demands but the rapper has proven the contrary. He really is a family man invested in making his brood happy. Stunner has one daughter from a previous relationship and one with current wife Dyonne.

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