6 helpful tips for newly married brides

Who said marriage was a stroll in the park? The first year of becoming a wife can be daunting and can be a real roller coaster of emotions. Prepare yourself for this new phase in hour life with these helpful hints and tips

  1. Remember the love.
    Whatever difficulties you face remember that every marriage experiences its problems along the way, so have realistic expectations. When disagreements occur deal with them there and then and do not let resentment build up. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself what made you fall in love in the first place
  2. Keep the romance alive

Love, friendship and companionship are important in every marriage but never under estimate the power of having a healthy sexual relationship. Most women draw back from sexual activity after an argument but this not a healthy habits for your marriage. Keep the fire burning.

  1. Embrace becoming part of another family
    The “in-laws” can be a huge challenge and a major cause for tension in any marriage. Of course the two of you are a team now, but family is also part of your new found union. Try to make peace with your in laws and bite your tongue when you feel negative words coming.
  2. Never make assumptions

Some issues are best discussed before doing your I do. Imagine waking up to a realisation that your partner does not want kids after marrying him. Some people have had short lived marriages due to things that they never discussed before marriage only popping up later.

  1. Step up the commitment

The first year of marriage also comes with it the realisation that you are in it for the long haul. Disagreements need to be worked out if you plan on making your marriage work

  1. Accept a new identity

You will be taking on a new persona as a wife, with society looking at you in a different way. You might decide to take on your husband’s name and the new status might either be exciting or unsettling. Embrace yourself

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