8 celebrities that contracted the coronavirus

The coronavirus has caused many deaths worldwide. Some have bee infected and recovered from it while others are still self isolating and recovering at home. Here are some of the celebrities that tested positive for the coronavirus

1 Idris Elba
The British actor decided to get screened for the virus after realising that he had been exposed to someone who had later tested positive for the virus. His result came back positive. He immediately announced the news to his fans and encouraged people to stay at home.

2 Tom Hanks
The actor together with his wife tested positive for covid 19. He is believed to have contacted it while in Australia. The couple is isolating at a rented house in Australia and has advised people to do the same

3 Kristopher Hivju
The red haired actor is best known for his role as Tormund in the popular series Game of Thrones. He announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus. He is self isolating at home with minor symptoms

4 Colton Underwood
The Bachelor star broke the news via Instagram that he had tested positive for the virus.

5 Kevin Durant
Two time NBA championships winner told his followers that he had tested positive for the coronavirus on March 17. He wrote,”Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine”.

6 Prince Albert II
The 62 year old prince of Monaco is currently workingfrom home and receiving treatment after being infected

7 Mikel Arteta
The Arsenal manager was not spared. His positive test resulted in the whole squad being placed on quarantine and their game against Brighton postponed

8 Zororo Makamba
The young media genius was robbed of his life after testing positive to covid 19. He had just come back from a New York trip. He later succumbed to the virus and passed away. He was the second confirmed case in Zimbabwe

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