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Ammara Brown and Ruvheneko share sweet memories of Zororo as tributes continue to pour in.

The death of Zororo, the son of business tycoon James Makamba has left many hearts bleeding. The young presenter succumbed to the coronavirus scourge after returning from New York. He has since been buried.

Ruvheneko shared some intimate details about how the two had shared a bond as they grew up. She said Zororo had always been an achiever. Ruvheneko even posted an image of herself with Zororo citing that it was their last picture to together.

Likewise, Ammara Brown also said the death of Zororo had sent he into a state of shock. She said her dream was to one day sit down with him when they were old and reminisce on their past success. She also shared a cute image beside Zororo.

Tributes have been pouring in for the young man from all sectors. Having been in the media industry, Zororo was a well known figure. Some people even suggested that he could have been the future minister of information and publicity given his impressive broadcasting history.

Prior to his death, Zororo had interacted with several people sparking speculation yag the virus has probably spread to many people.

The coronavirus has killed thousands of people worldwide in countries including Italy,Germany,USA and China.

Zororo was only 29 years of age and had a promising career. He was not yet married

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