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Chido Musasiwa Paving the Way For Children in Arts

If you don’t know who Chido Musasiwa is now is the time to know. Chido is a leading businesswoman in the arts industry. The manager to one of Zimbabwe’s biggest artist and a passionate child and youth enthusiast. Chido has made a name for herself as one of the most influential women in the arts industry.

Chido Musasiwa

Chido Musasiwa is paving the way for Children in the Arts industry with her annual event. The annual Let them Trust annual schools arts festival is back and no illness formed in 2020 will stop this event from happening

In a recent talk with the leading businesswoman for Chido Musasiwa explained how she has such a big vision for this year’s event. She spoke of the hundreds of school kids who get to showcase their skill at her event. The support they have managed to get in previous events and the hype she has for this year’s event.

We want to pilot the way for children in the arts and entertainment industry in Zimbabwe. We know what it means to these children for them to meet and hear from people like myself and Ammarra Brown on how to make it in the arts industry in Zimbabwe. We want these children to take Zimbabwean entertainment to even greater heights.

Chido Musasiwa

Chido is also the CEO of an advertising company responsible for promoting events and making jingles in Zimbabwe.

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