How to teach your kids good habits for good health

Lead by example
It may seem obvious but many parents have adopt a “do as I say not as I do attitude” telling them to run and play outside while they lounge on the couch. Ensure that you are actively involved in outdoor activities as well.

Make it fun
If an activity is fun, the kids will eagerly anticipate it. Making it enjoyable will help them stay focused and motivated. Think of creative ways to get them to exercise. Award points for healthy eating or activities and reward them with something special when they have reached a goal.

Make it easy for them

Make it easier for your children to develop healthy eating habits by removing temptation. Your kids will not be able to grab a packet of crisps or sweets when they are not around. Stock up on yoghurt, fruit, and healthy foods and reserve sweets for special occasions.

Make it a routine
Children like routine, which plays an important part in establishing good habits. If kids know that they have to brush their teeth before bedtime every night,or wash their hands after visiting the loo, it soon becomes second nature. Eating breakfast is one health habit that should be part of everyone’s routine, and it’s one that’s probably mostly overlooked. Get everyone oubof bed 15 minutes earlier in the morning and sit down to a healthy breakfast before you head out the door.

Get them involved
Children’s interest is more likely to be piqued if they are involved in the process so enlist their help whenever possible. Take them grocery shopping and get them to help you pick out the best vegetables. Ask for suggestions when thinking about what to cook for dinner

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