“It’s time to stop the jokes and focus” Pastor Evan Mawarire issues stern warning

Evan Mawarire had no kind words for people that are not taking the issue of the coronavirus seriously. The man of cloth lashed out on social media at those that are not following the set WHO guidelines on trying to prevent the spread of the virus. Even after the president issued some guidelines and warned people stay at home, most people are carrying on with business as usual. The pastor said this behaviour shows lack of responsibily

Pastor Mawarire reminded people about how deadly the virus is and queried whether they wanted die. His heartfelt plea was that people ought to stay at home and follow precautionary measures such as hand sanitizing and wearing masks.

Pastor Mawarire commands a huge following after rising to fame with his #this flag movement. At one point he was charged with treason during the Mugabe era and later freed. Mawarire has advised people to stop joking about the coronavirus and take the issue seriously. He said people must focus. The pandemic has killed thousands of people worldwide and Zimbabwe has three confirmed cases to date including one death.

Some people clapped back at the pastor and said most people survive on hand to mouth living on Zimbabwe a d if they stopped going to work they would starve. They said most people survive on informal trading activities such as vending, car wash and we’ll ng clothes. While those in the formal sector can have the luxury to lounge around at home and even work from home, the same cannot be said for those that survive on hustling in the streets.

The coronavirus was first discovered in China and has since spread to numerous countries such as Italy, South Africa and the USA

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