Must do tips for your garden

Get the roses back into shape
Roses that have grown too tall can be reduced by undercutting, as long as there are leaves on the stem below the cut. In very hot weather, carry out the undercutting in two stages, about a week apart. This will cause the least SAP flow disturbance. If the growth is dense rather than too high, do a simple cleaning out by removing forked growth,cutting back a little. This opens up space for the roses to grow

Post holiday treatment for lawns
Don’t mow your lawn too low when you return from holiday. Rathe reduce the height of overgrown lawns over over two or three weeks,to prevent the lawn from getting that white, ugly look. In ho weather, keeping the lawn slightly longer keeps the lawn cool and promotes deeper root development.

Replace tired flowers with new annuals

A quick fix for tired looking annuals is to replace them with colour bags. These are flowering annuals grown in plastic bags that can just be popped into the ground for instant colour

Shade the vegetables
If leafy vegetables in the veggie garden are sizzling up in the sun,buy 40 percent shade cloth and make a temporary structure over your vegetables. This will screen out the harshest of the sun’s Ray’s and save water as beds will stay moist for longer

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