Muvhango wedding opens a can of worms

The much talked about wedding between KK and Tshidi on popular show Muvhango unearthed the real life sad scenario of why some women are getting married in today’s world.

The characters played by MacDonald Ndou and Buhle Samuels have had ups and downs in their relationship but finally decided to get hitched in spite of past differences. There is however a hidden agenda being calculated by Tshidi. She is simply after KK’s money and has a boyfriend of her own whom she intends to share the money with.

Such is the sad reality in today’s world. Many men fall prey to women seeking luxuries and comfort as opposed to being genuinely in love. This has resulted in many marriages breaking up.

It remains to be seen whether Tshidi and KK’s wedding will stand the test of time and whether Tshidi’s plan to take over her husband’s empire will succeed.

Muvhango is a daily soap that explores life in morden day and rural South Africa. It is fusion of both culture and Western influences to the lives of black people

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