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Six steps to build confidence

Get some help from friends
Gather a few friends that you really trust. Ask them to write five positive things about you. You can even get them to elaborate and give examples. Write all these down and keep the list in your bag. When you are feeling low, whip I out and have a quick read.

Create rituals
You can get a clearer vision from tennis players. They bounce a ball several times before taking their shot in order to calm themselves. Create little rituals that make you feel calm and composed.

Try the professional photographer’s trick
Try relaxing you facial muscles. This is usually done by photographers to get their clients to relax. Also say positive things to yourself in your head.

Shake it off
Try to imagine a world in which you were suddenly immune to other people’s opinions and criticism. Live a life that is no regulated by the opinions and thoughts of other people. When you feel down, marginalised or ridiculed, make the assumption that it is the other person’s fault

Practise power positions
Body language is important. Before you open your mouth, people will react to it. The more open and positive your body language is, the better reaction you will get. Chin up, stomach in,one hand on your hip and you are all set. Try nodding your head too

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