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Stunner pens down emotional tribute to murdered friend

Stunner penned down an emotional tribute to his long time friend and home boy Sypho. The young dealer who traded phones was murdered by a group of three including the son of of a high court judge. His decomposing body was found a week later.

Stunner said he had grown up with Sypho. He even shared some sweet memories about how he together with Sypho’s older brother would run away from him whenever they wanted to get into town. The emotional singer said he was heartbroken and that Glen Norah would never be the same without Sypho.

Stunner said he last time he had interacted with Sypho was when the dealer had appeared in his music video titled Sunungura marasta from his Ghetto Chronicles album. He even shared he video clip. This invoked a lot of emotion from his fans who said his passing on was a sad reality that they were failing to deal with.

Stunner wrote,”Full of potential you were and the last time we hung you were helping me with the above video which you featured in”. The handsome lad was brutally murdered. Sypho seems to have been a people’s person with tributes pouring in from various celebrities such as Kikky badass and Lorraine Guyo.

Sypho was lured by the judge’s son to come forward with some phones which he said he wanted to purchase. They met and that was the last time he was seen alive.

After news of his disappearance spread that is when the judge’s son was picked for questioning and he said they had met so that he purchases a phone. It later emerged, Sypho had been robbed and killed by the judge’s son and his friends.

Stunner said justice must be done

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