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Tinotenda Maveneka is Fighting the battle of Coronavirus in South Africa

Zimbabwean Social Entrepreneur Tinotenda Maveneka is using his influence to help fight the battle of coronavirus in South Africa. The young influencer has been actively working with the NICD of South Africa and has been using his platform to share factual prevention methods on Coronavirus in South Africa.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in South Africa two weeks ago Tinotenda Maveneka has been sharing the facts on Coronavirus on all his platforms. Constantly sharing correct information and videos and warning people about the dangers is fake information.

Recent Viral Twitter Campaign working with Health Social Media South Africa

I think there is a danger in fake news when it comes to diseases. When we share false information we put everyone at risk because fake news travels faster than truth and does more damage than good. We need to stop doing that especially when it comes to Coronavirus in South Africa.

Tinotenda Maveneka

As the founder of African Youth Empowerment, Tinotenda Maveneka is passionate believer in creating opportunities for the Youth of Africa.

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