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Tips to make your life even better

Savour the light
Kickstart your body’s internal alarm clock by letting in light just before you need to wake up. Leave the curtains open a crack so the light b comes your body’s natural cue to knock off production of sleep hormones. Waking up this way boosts your energy

Shower with citrus
Pick a shower gel with an energising scent such as lemon,lime or orange then finish with a spray of cold water at the end- the shock factor should do the trick

De-tech your bedroom
TVs, computers and cellphones can over stimulate the brain at night, when we should be winding down. They therefore interfere with sleep quality. Remove these from your sleeping area

Cut down on the caffeine
Caffeine overload at the beginning of the day will give you a mid morning slump so swap the coffee for a healthy tea.

Be steady with snacks
Avoid energy surges and dips by keeping blood sugar stable. This means sticking to snacks that release energy slowly, like nuts,seeds,apples and bananas

Drink plenty of water
The body needs fluid to function and without enough you will feel sluggish. Aim for six to eight glasses of water a day

Get organized
Reorganise your to do list a according to priorities.

Cut out toxic influences
These include fake friends, moaners and people without any goals in life.

Try a power nap
If you are at home have a power nap. Just find a quiet and serene place, close your eyes and breathe in and out for ten minutes

Pat yourself in the back
Write down your recent achievements. It will make you feel good and give you an encouraging boost

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