Top 7 herbal teas for good health

There is nothing as comforting as a cup of tea and this equally applies to herbal teas. No only do they offer numerous health benefits but they also have an aromatic and therapeutic effect. Here are some of the must try herbal teas.

  1. Parsley
    Parsley as a tea is a very effective cleansing herb because it detoxes the kidneys,contains vitamins A and C and also boosts the immune system. It has a clean, earthy taste and is best combined with honey,apple or even carrot juice.
  2. Lemon verbena
    It has the strongest lemon taste and fragrance of all the lemony herbs
    Instead of starting the day with hot water and lemon,try lemon verbena tea. For extra flavour add pineapple or apple mint leaves.
  3. Rosemary
    An energy boosting tea is a combination of Rosemary and ginger. Both alleviate digestive problems and stimulate the circulation while Rosemary also acts as an antidepressant. Add honey for taste, or even a bit of chilli if you are the adventurous one
  4. Pineapple sage
    It does not have any medicinal benefits, but its fresh pineapple flavour is delicious and refreshing. Make an iced tea with pineapple sage and add mint julep for an extra punch.
  5. Garden mint
    Mint teas are wonderfully refreshing after a heavy meal. Garden mint and spearmint are the two most popular mints.
  6. Fennel
    Fennel is delicious if you like the taste of aniseed. It is a digestive herb as well as a liver tonic. It is marvelous for helping with weight loss, although you shouldn’t drink more than two cups of you are drinking it for dieting reasons
  7. Some herbal teas such as chamomile,lavender and lemon balm are ideal to take before going to bed.

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