Top 7 tanning headaches and their solutions

Tanning is essential for your especially in ho weather. We compiled some of the best tricks to get yourself an amazing tan.

  1. Always ends up streaky?
    Prep you skin the day before. Fake tan clings to patches of dry skin, so it is crucial to exfoliate. Afterwards, apply body moisturizer all over and leave. Never do this immediately before applying a self tanner, it is one of the reasons for colour sliding off and going streaky
  2. Gets too dark in places?
    Focus on tricky areas. A thin layer of moisturizer will act as a barrier on any dry skin areas (such as wrists, feet and ankles) that tend to absorb too much tanning product otherwise.
  3. Can’t get it to look even?
    Apply with a mitt. Simply blend and buff into the skin. Leave your hands and feet till last, so that by the time you get to the end there is just enough product residue in the mitt to finish them perfectly
  4. Stained fingers and toes?
    Take a baby wipe and it over the nails, in the gap between each finger, inside every toe space, on the soles of yo feet, inside ears,nose,newly button and eyebrows where product can collect and will turn skin unnecessarily darker. Of you are blonde, lightly wipe you hairline to ensure that your hair does not stain. Another tip is to use a little conditioner as a barrier
  5. Missed a bit?
    Try a wash off bronzing lotion. These are so brilliant for a fast hit of instant colour, to hide tan marks or streaks, or to just add a glow to any part of the body on show
  6. Short of time?
    Do no do it if you are in a rush. Always plan ahead a couple of days before any special occasion, so it’s fully developed, and if there are any areas that aren’t perfect, you can tidy them up
  7. Tan looks flat,dirty and dull?
    Add shimmer. Make your home tan look like gleaming summer skin by using a self tan shimmer cream

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