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Watch what celebrities are doing during self isolation

The coronavirus has forced many people to self isolate at home. While business has virtually come to a standstill inost countries, celebrities have been posting updates of their daily activities in the comfort of their homes. Here is a list of some of our favorite celebrities and how they are spending their time

Bella Hadid
The American based model recently took to Instagram to share her lip synching duet with a friend. The two were having a blast as they show cased their rapping skills

Jennifer Lopez
The singer was recorded relaxing at home with her kids and husband. This quarantine period seems to be the ideal time for her to bond with her twins and laugh at quality moments such as her son pouring out a drink for her husband.

Bonang Matheba

The South African sensation shared a cute pic of herself simply sitting on the floor and captioned,”whatchu doing”. It seems the whole self isolation business has literally brought her down to earth

Zim fit mums
Known for her insta handle this lady has been servj v some hot looks from her home as she takes self isolation seriously. We wonder if she is still exercising at home

Tom Hanks
The actor tested positive for the covid 19 virus and is currently self isolating at home with his wife Rita, who also tested positive. They are currently living in a rented home on Australlia

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