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Celebrity nick names that we love

Celebrities are mostly known by their stage names rather than their original names. Most people in the limelight have been given names by fans or have simply chosen what they think suits best their trade. Here are some of our favourite celebrity nick names of all time.

1 Misred -Samantha Musa
It is not clear whether Misred simply has an adoration for the colour red but the name is a perfect fit for the radio and television personality.

2 Queen of swagger- Pokello Nare

A fine taste of fashion and the finer things in life has earned socialite Pokello Nare the name queen of swagger. Pokello is no stranger to an expensive lifestyle. She is always dresses to kill and does not compromise when it comes to acquiring quality stuff.

3 Dziva – Desmond Chideme

Hip hop artist Desmond Chideme loves to be referred by his totem Dziva. Indeed even his love for the bottle has been attributed to his totem and people have labelled him one with and unquenchable thirst for alcohol. He is also known as Stunner in musical circles.

4 CNN- Charles Mabika
Veteran sports broadcaster Charles Mabika has been given the name CNN by his fans. The vocal presenter and football analyst was likened to the news channel because of the way he is able to articulate issues on the field. He is indeed one of the best sports analysts in the country.

5 Mrs Bezos -Olinda Chapel

Socialite Olinda Chapel recently caused a stir online when she said she felt like a rich person’s wife and that a proper name could be Mrs Bezos. She is now being referred to as that by her followers. The name, which carries with it a strong undertone of being rich and in control is a perfect one for Olinda who is an established business woman.

6 Madam Boss- Tyra Chikocho
Based on her comic videos highlighting the relationship between a maid and her boss, Tyra became known as Madam boss. The comedian is now known in entertainment and business circles as Madam boss.

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