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Cindy advises women to look good at all times

Music artist Cindy Munyavi has advised women to look good even when they are just lounging around at home. The urban grooves singer said women have a tendency to dress up and look all glamed up when they are going out. She said this is wrong.

The Nerudo hitmaker was said she only woke up to a realisation that she was in that same habit when she participated in the famous don’t rush challenge. She said it served as a wake up call that ladies should not have reason to look good. They should do so all the time.

Cindy said women should do away with wearing satin bonnets out of bed, spending the day in scruffy clothes and not grooming themselves. She said this lockdown was the ideal opportunity for women to look their best at home.

The sentiments uttered by Cindy were echoed by various other people especially men. They said women would look more appealing if they could only put more effort in dressing up at home for them. Others said the advent of wigs was causing them untold pain and suffering as they had to watch their wives with hideous looking hair after removing the wigs at home

We guess the ladies could take a cue from Cindy and invest more time in making themselves look good.

Cindy has a reputation for being one of the most stylish women in the country. She owns a boutique that sells trendy apparel and has her own fashion column in one of the leading newspapers.

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