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Gemma Griffiths inspires hope during difficult time

Gemma Griffiths has inspired hope with her latest track titled Titungamire. The award winning singer released the video this week and it has been trending. The song is an appeal to God to watch over his people and to help them in times of need.

With the current coronavirus outbreak that has rocked many nations worldwide resulting in thousands of deaths, the song really appeals to the times. Most people have confessed to having had their faith renewed by Gemma’s song

Part of the video was done in a church, with the congregants deep in fellowship with God. The song is highly spiritual and a true inspiration at a time when most people are troubled over the plague affecting the world.

Gemma is one of the most talented artists in the country. She has collaborated with big names such as DJ Stavo and Winky D. What is quite interesting is the way she is able to sing eloquently in Shona. The singer rose to fame after doing a rendition of Winky D’s song Musarove bigman.

Gemma has released songs such as Mugarden and Ndinomhanya. Her melodious voice and natural charisma give the song a feel good vibe.

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