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Greatman falls on hard times. Turns to vending

In a development that has shocked many, popular singer Greatman, has turned to vending as the lockdown has started taking its financial toll on him.The ‘Pandakazvarwa’ hitmaker has resorted to selling vegetables on the streets in order to generate income.With the whole country under lockdown, many self employed people, including musicians who mostly have to rely on live shows have felt the blow.Greatman took to his Facebook account to announce his latest business venture saying music wasn’t paying at the moment.It must be really tough for the singer who recently married his sweetheart.

“Raramo yandikona nano kufa,izere nejambwa nekudzungaira !! Ndofunga mukungoonawo zvikuitika,this covid 19 yatidzidzisa zvakawanda.bdafunga kuronga musika wamirivo namatomatosi,namapotato,zvinobuda ere guys…zvemusic zvakuoma izvviiiii ” which can be roughly translated to(Life is hard and full of misery and I have given up. We can all see what’s happening, this Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot. I’m going to try out vending vegetables, including, potatoes, tomatoes. Will this work out guys? The music gig is becoming difficult at the moment)

Most musicians in Zimbabwe are finding it hard to generate income, from their craft alone at the moment and have had to rely on other business interests or their savings.Some are also live streaming their performances.Royalties from album sales are almost non existent as most of the music in the country is pirated.

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