Herbal medicine to combat covid 19 on the cards

The government has given a herbal practitioner Mr Chivizhe the green light to treat those with symptoms of the covid 19. This came after the practitioner alleged that he has medicine that can cure most o the symptoms if the corona virus.

In an official letter, government said Mr Chivizhe was free to use his herbal concoctions to treat patients granted they had consented and we’re willing subjects. The issue has caused debate online and some people have commended the government for making such a move.

Herbal medicine has often been overlooked in the country. Unlike in countries such as China and India where local herbs are used to treat ailments as a common remedy, most people actually demonize the use of such things to treat the sick. The christian movement has often spoken against herbal solutions while medical personnel have also degraded the use of herbs as opposed to western medicine. Some people have argued that herbal medicine is not bad at all and has less side effects compared to pills but it is simply a matter of those in the industry not wanting to go out of business.

Most people have actually enquired whether Mr Chivizhe would be able to treat other ailments such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Currently there is no cure for the corona virus on the global market and millions of people have died. Zimbabwe is said to have less than en confirmed cases

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