Lorraine Guyo hints at marriage

Is Lorraine Guyo engaged? Now that is the question on everyone’s lips. The comedian recently shared an image of a hand with a ring on it and put a grateful emoji on he Instagram page.

People have been asking whether the beautiful comedian is now taken. Most men feigned disappointment at their prospects of ever getting Lorraine having been watered down.

Lorraine rose to fame after posyi g a video jut before valentine’s day last year asking men to ask her out. The famous “ndinyengeiwo” video causes furore and made he an overnight sensation. Lorraine was locked, ridiculed and ven labelled a prostitute but one good thing came out of the whole fracas, she became a celebrity.

Lorraine now enjoys endorsements from several companies. She is a brand ambassador for companies including Skylake boreholes, JanJam and Mambo’s chicken. She also made famous friends along the way and is now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Madam boss and Acie Lumumba.

Her love life has always been questioned by many. After her fall out with former manager Thomas Chizhanje, Lorraine seemed to have shyed away from dating.

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