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Lorraine Guyo opens up about how she misses her grandparents

Lorraine Guyo recently shared an emotional message about just how much she misses her grandparents. The comedian, like everyone else is staying at home after a directive issued by the president instructed everyone to adhere to lockdown rules. She however confessed that she really misses her grandparents and would like to visit them after the lockdown.

Lorraine shares a deep bond with her grandparents. Although her mom is late, Lorraine gets all the motherly love she needs from her granny whom she often parades on social media. The two even look alike.

Lorraine rose to fame after her “ndinyengeiwo” video caused furore online. The young comedian posted a video asking men to ask her out in light of the oncoming valentine’s day last year. The video went viral and Lorraine became an overnight sensation.

Lorraine is evidently anticipating for the lockdown to end so that she gets to see her favourite people in the world.

Lorraine has achieved so much success than most people her age. Apart from being an actress and comedian she is also the brand ambassador for various companies such as Sky lake boreholes and Jan Jam

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