Marvelous Nakamba shares rags to riches story

Most successful people have commended inspirational stories to share about their past. Marvelous Nakamba opened up about the struggles he faced growing up. The Aston Villa player have credit to his mother for working hard to provide for him and his siblings.

The shy faced footballer said his mother Charity, worked for months at a time in South Africa as a maid to raise money for their upkeep. He said he lived in their rented one room in Bulawayo while his other sibling was being looked after by an aunt in Victoria falls. Nakamba extended gratitude to his mother for striving so hard to make her children have a great life.

Nakamba is now an international football sensation earning millions of pounds a year. His story is indeed that of rags to riches. Such an inspiring story ought to serve as a reminder to young people that success is not achieved o overnight. It also highlights the importance of working hard.

Nakamba is enjoying a fruitful career at Aston Villa and has not disappointed ever since being signed in by the club last year. He has actually been doing extremely well

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