“Nick Mangwana lied” Residents returning from the UK hit back at minister

There has been outrage at the statement announced by Nick Mangwana that the 32 Zimbabweans who were repatriated from the UK had demanded to be housed in a hotel. While social media has been lashing out at the returnees for making outrageous demands during such a time, the group has denied such claims.

Mangwana said the group had demanded hotel accommodation upon their return as they could no be allowed to be with their families without being assessed first on their corona virus status. He also questioned why they had travelled during such a time. This did not go down well with most social media users who instantly had a slew of words for the group. It was then that members of the group responded and said that they had made no such demands. They claimed they had only asked for basic amenities such as water because the facility Belvedere teachers college does no have running water. They also said they had asked for meals to be provided.

Some of them said they had even offered to pay for their own hotel accommodation to but that idea was shot down for dear of the risk of spreading the virus.

The debate was joined by advocate Fadzai Mahere who said returning residents were coming to their home country and could not be question why they were coming back to their own home country.

The corona virus pandemic has caused so much suffering and people have been returning home from various countries. Zimbabwe currently has 28 confirmed cases including three deaths. The country is currently on a lockdown which was extended by a further two weeks a few days ago

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